14 March, 2002


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The soft hills between the villages of Soulières og Etrechy. Could more vines be planted in the next 10 years?

Yesterday was D-day in Champagne. Delimitation-day. Many has been waiting impatiently to know, who will be allowed to plant vines and make champagne with these grapes.

The INAO - the officials that passes the green "go for it" light further on - has acknowledged the 40 communes that has been mentioned. Two current communes will not stay in the appellation. Germaine in the middle of the big forest area of Montagne de Reims and Orbais-l'Abbaye, according to the Reims-paper l'Union. Communes that already participate in the delimitation may also be granted more land.

Even more interesting than the name of the communes is to name the plots of land, that the experts like. When this will be known, the real fighting will start: Why did my neighbour make it and I did not? This is where it will be decided for good who can exchange sugar beets with champagne grapes. This is where fortunes will be made out of almost nothing.

A public hearing will take place in April.

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