03 March, 2002

Vines in La Défense

700 vines will from this spring decorate the esplanade at the Défense-neighbourhood in Paris. It is an area between the modern triumphal arch, made by architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen and the napoleonic arch at the Champs Elysées, that will be planted with a mix of green Chardonnay- and blue Pinot Noir-grapes.

The project is met by other challenges, than winegrowers normally experience. Since we have a sufficient amount of soil under the plants to accomodate the root, that normally develops into a deep and extensive system.

In La Défense the plan is to construct a 80 centimeters deep layer of soil on top of flagstones of concrete, that - somehow - will allow the root to develop in a suitable way, says www.vigneronsfranciliens.com.

The posts will be made of chestnut tree from Montmorency. Sounds just a tiny bit more chic than the selection in our local farmershop. They are made of metal, and after some years they become very rusty. Not good enough in the City of Lights.

Montmartre is as far as I know so far the only place you find in Paris with vines and party, when the grapes are harvested. In three years - when the new plants are big enough - La Défense can compete.

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