05 March, 2002

First legal step towards winegrowing

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A new beginning. A new link, that unites the two ends of a broken wire in the fence.

Today we have taken the first step towards a common future as independent winegrowers. Well, Alain has this status already, of course. The new thing is, that I too will be registered with the authorities as independant winegrower in France. I will no longer be just the wife.

My diploma in pruning means, that I can face myself with this new hat without blushing (too much). What I still need, I will learn with work and with the years. This I don't doubt about.

The plan is, that I will sign the contract for the plot, we took back last autumn, while Alain deals with the other one. A vineyard, he has managed in 10 years now. The last two hectares of the family are managed by a cousin at the moment.

Motivated for paperwork
Practically it means less, since we work together about everything anyway. This is more a symbolic act. And on top of that a motivating act, since it matters a great deal to me, that my signature is on the documents instead of Alains.

In front of me: One year, where I will have to decode bills from the machine pool, that drives the tractors in our fields, pay taxes to the authorities from my own account, pay the grapepickers at the harvest and so on.

I can imagine a year with a lot of tearing my hair, when I try to understand the at times complicated French legal way-of-thinking. But you can always learn by heart, so bottomline I feel deeply satisfied. This coming contract - today the notary listened to us, next time I will sign with my mother-in-law - also represents what I have achieved in France these last four years. Apart from two children and learning French.

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So today I want to be satisfied. Nothing but satisfied.

På dansk

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