28 March, 2002

Glass approved by the state

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The one and only approved-by-the-state INAO-tasting glass arrives in this humble carton.

We are now the lucky owners of 12 INAO-glasses. An unexpected gain from our recently started class in wine tasting. And it must be a clear advantage for our teacher too, since with this simple gesture he avoids cleaning six times 15 glasses after each soirée.

INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine) is the authority, that controls the French crowd of AOC's (Appellation d'Origine Controlée), the recognized-by-the-state products of outstanding quality. Champagne was the first in 1927, since then many other wines and products have joined in. And the INAO has developped the supposedly optimum tasting glass as well.

The glass is shaped like a tulip. This shape ensures the best possible concentration of aromas and scents. That is, when you stick your nose as far down the glass as you can and sniff thoroughly. You are also able to whirl your wine well - this sets the aromas free - in the glass without spilling. Ok, I'll admit that I am so unexperienced that I still managed to colour my papers with a few drops of the fine red wine. Surely it would have been a lot worse without the intervention of the INAO.

"The finest inexpensive tasting glass in the world." Says wine tasting guru Robert Parker himself about the glass. So in our marriage we care for these 12 new members of our dinner or lunch equipment. Two more boxes to store next to the other boxes, that contains crystal and look-a-likes. We constantly lack extra space, so at the moment the INAO has been granted residence next to the Tupperware of my mother-in-law, kitchen rolls, the matrimonial cutlery in stainless steel and 20 candle ends from the christening of our second child last autumn.

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