26 January, 2017

Freeze fits feeding the soils

Profiting from the cold.

The ground is frozen. It's great times to spread fertilizers.

We do it with this little machine, very handy to pass all over the plots, next to the vines.

Organic fertilizers
As the fertilizers are organic, we can spread them already now.

Obviously, the idea is that they'll be ready for the benefit of the vines as these will enter their growth period in some months. Thus we don't feed the vines directly, but rather nourish the soil, and then this is where the plants will find what they need for growth and maintenance.

As organic manures decomposit much slower - 90 days - compared to conventional - 30 days, the time schedule is also different. It basically means that organic products can be spread much earlier.

To fit with analysis
Alain choses the manure in order to fit a soil analysis of each plot the best possible way.

The manure is natural, and this means that your choice is not à la carte. You go for what will fit your need better from what is available.

In our case, we have opted for guano for quite a few years now. Basically it's bird excrements, and it surely smells like it for quite some time after the spread.

But the smell is not for long, and it seems to satisfy the need. Our plots are all healthy according to the lab that measures their composition. One good thing done then.