23 March, 2002

Welcome in "la Winery"

Médoc-tourists with special interest in wines can visit the new winery, that opened in January. It is placed in Arsac-en-Médoc, 25 kilometers outside Bordeaux, along the local Route Touristique.

It is Philippe Raoux, who so far has sold wines per mail and net, who is the man behind La Winery. It boasts a shop that covers 1000 square meters, restaurant, rooms for seminars, a park of 26 hectares, where you can picnic while enjoying sculptures and - why not - drink a glass of wine, that matches your just defined oenological profile.

The shop offers 2.000 different wines, that ranges from 3 to 1.000 euros per bottle. You can buy a blindtasting for 15 euros, that defines your wineprofile and provides you with a personal guide for the cellar, that matches your taste. Smart way to further your sales, but also an interesting help for the bewildered but interested buyer, I guess.

So congratulations Médoc. I wonder when some of the money in Champagne will be used for a similar window to promote the fantastic wines of this region? We could baptise it a Champagnoir, and place it in the Montagne de Reims. View at the vineyards towards an evening-lit Reims preferred.

The project in Médoc cost the owner 12 million euros. 100.000 annual visitors are expected. Read more about it (French).

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