27 March, 2002

Bubbly grandma

Champagne is a beverage with lesser known potentials. Even with a flu coming up.

Symptoms: Shivers, headache, fatigue, stiff joints and so on. Before you go to bed, try the trick of la grandmère:

Bring in the champagne, heat 15 centiliters in a saucepan. Add two sugar cubes (I know, you don't like your champagne sweat, this is the recipie, sorry). Survey the brew, remove it from the heat when it fizzes. Cool down a bit, drink it, and now you're off to bed.

Explanation: Dr. Henry Puget - he's written a full book with examples from Grandmas own pharmacy - says to the women's mag Femina, that champagne and sugar makes a union, that heightens the production of antimatters of the system. On top of that the champagne contains important minerals like magnesium (works against the fatigue of the muscles) and selenium (against the virus itself) amongst others. The books: "Mes remèdes de grand-mère" by Régine Teyssot and Henry Puget.

Et voilà, as we say in France. Off to the cave.

I don't know if you can prepare your immune defense in advance. Or if it still works should you forget about the sugar cubes and the saucepan. You may want to try anyway. If not the champagne widow Lily Bollinger has a few other ideas about when time is up to consider some bubbly.

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