30 March, 2002

Little chariot from above

I've been binding the vines. By chance I realised that the professionals move their little bench on wheels all the way uphill, and then they slide easily downhill as they bind the branches of the plants.

Hmmm, this writer has almost without breaks begun downhill. Several years. Spent far too much energy to push myself and the chariot up, up, all the way up. I just felt so incredibly stupid as my mother-in-law as the most natural thing in the world explained me, that you start above. Much easier to slide your way down than to push it up.

So today I began uphill. Each time. Each row. What a party. I still feel stupid, but at least the energy was on my side all day in the fresh air. The rest will be forgotten as I finish the last 650 meters left for the practise.

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