08 March, 2002

Bubbles continue in Illum

Customers of the Copenhagen department store, Illum, are apparently not yet fed up with champagne. Not that I blame them...

Last Christmas LVMH opened a temporary champagne bar in Illum. An idea, that was far too good to just scrap with the old year. The baker family Holm-Knudsen, who already runs café and tea rooms on the ground level of the store, has picked up the idea and are now about to open "The Lounge".

In this new champagne joint you can treat yourself with wellknown brands as Gosset, Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, Mumm and the heavyweight also pricevice, Dom Pérignon. Prices begin at 60 kroner per glass. It's never going to be really wild in Illum, I guess. On the other hand you can nibble canapés while sipping.

The new champagne bar open on March 15th. Read about the old one here.

På dansk

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