22 March, 2002

Grandma of the herbicides

Our new plot is not organic, even you could think so when you see it. The idea is exciting, but not possible when you work part time.

An organic winegrower told us about his problems to remain organic.

His mother, who is retired, does not like weeds. She uses any opportunity to sneek into the vines to get rid of any kind of unwanted growth with some herbicides.

I know her type very well. I think it is impossible for elderly ladies, who has experienced the immense revolution of tractors and herbicides in the vines but also in agriculture in general to do just nothing. Accept the green. Leben und leben lassen, as they say in Vienna.

Once I drove my mother-in-law to the market. I talked a lot about the pretty sight of red poppies in the edge of the ditch along the road. Monet just couldn't have painted it nicer. "They didn't spray enough herbicides," was her only comment.

And apparently she has at least one kindred spirit in Montagne de Reims.

På dansk

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