02 February, 2002

Keep the slim line

Champagne is at its best in tall glasses. They preserve the bubbles better, and the train de bulles is presented in a much more handsome way.
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TGIF. ALmost weekend. Some must work, others are off. Some already knows, they will have fun. Others simply enjoy what they do.

In France many of the women care a great deal about, what they eat and drink. The latter less, since they generally speaking don't drink much (alcohol). To stay slim is important for many, and it is not unusual to see ladies in their late fifties, who still have legs, worth presenting even in short skirts. Well, this - of course - you don't get for free.

The strategies vary. Apart from slimming and exercising the last and popular tool is tough-to-the-bone foodcontrol: Very small portions, light-products, choice - if I eat this cheese, I will skip those two. And then of course a watchful eye on the glasses that after all will be drunk. Meet an expert here or try the journalistic version from the Guardian

  • 12 cl of champagne: 80 kcal
  • 10 cl of Kir Royal: 105 kcal (champagne plus crème de cassis)
  • 10 cl of sweet whitewine: 150 kcal (like Sauternes)
  • 6 cl of whisky: 140 kcal
  • 15 cl of Bloody Mary: 200 kcal
Facts: Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, l'Institut Pasteur in Lille. Published in the most red Women's Magazine in France, the Femme Actuelle.

Personally I have never counted calories this way. My glasses show a common tendency of occuring on specific but not that many days, which means that I generally don't feel like eating and drinking a lot the next day. Apart from tea. Answer: Balance. For the part that includes the calories anyway.

This weekend our wildest excess will be a fast visit before dinner at some friends in the Côte des Blancs. How reassuring, that the aperitifs in this region are so nicely ranked on the list above. TGIF? Thank God It's Friday's. Cheers, have a nice weekend.

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