07 February, 2002

And the winner wine blog is...

Three winners have been announced in the contest of best wineblogs in connection with the Salon des Vins de Loire earlier this week. I am just mentioning it... Some of you may remember that I - not that many days ago - babbled about my envy to participate in the competition too.

It turned out to be not that easy to find out how to enroll your blog. At the time I got the news about it in the newsletter La Vinicole.com one and a half weeks before the exibition in the city of Angers the list of participants was already closed. I did wonder whether it ever was open, I must admit.

But, I will leave it there. The rowan berries out of your reach have always been sour. Journalists with talents of writing - or let's just call it education in writing - were not allowed as participants anyway.

And so, the winner bloggers are:

  • Category French winegrower: Sauvat (Auvergne)
  • Category French wineblog: blog d'Olif
  • Category foreign language wineblog: Vinography

    I just realized, there is another list - yes, sir - where you, dear readers, can vote for my blog, if you feel like it. Just follow this link - and vote me all the way to the top already today.

    På dansk

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