04 February, 2002

Nobel beer

Once upon a time I participated in a course with four other winegrower's wifes. The target was to learn to sell champagne in English. Well, I was supposed to do it in French, since English was not really my problem. During one of those days our teacher gushed over how great champagne is. She's right about that. But you do limit your own palate if you always stick to the same old stuff.

Which is why I happily announced that I do like champagne, but... not in my wildest dreams would it ever occur to me not to enjoy a good beer as well. The speechlessness that followed was absolutely profound. My remark was left to die it's own miserable death in utmost silence.

Beer and luxury is such a wild combination, that a story about a new beer from Carlsberg was one of the conservative and faithful-to-the-president-newpaper Le Figaros topstories in the pink part.

It is also the most expensive beer in the world, says Carlsberg. 269 euros per bottle and 600 bottles all in all. The rarity - I guess - is the engine, expected to push the sale. Still, a bit expensive, isn't it. I usually go for something around two-three euroes per bottle, and that's not even cheap...

I could easily name a dozen or more champagnes, that are cheaper, and that I am more eager to test, but chacun son goût as they say in France. Taste is individual.

Anway, if you always stick to the same topseller, say Moët& Chandon, you may also not get very close to an understanding of, what champagne may also be. A bit like what happens if you always opt for the same beer.

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