06 February, 2002

Big sales of 2006

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Assembly line: Champagnebottles are dressed with the cork, capsule and muselet.

Now we know. The sale of champagnes in 2006 has been settled. As expected it was big.

However, 321,6 million bottles of champagne were dispatched last year, compared to 307,5 million bottles in 2005. A growth of 4,6 percent or 14,1 million more bottles in 2006 than in 2005. Says the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne).

Even it is not enough bottles to pass the sales of the Millenium, this record does not really count here, since 50-60 million of the 2000-bottles were only drunk the following year with a decrease in sales of a similar size.

Foreign markets grow
The French market still gulp down more than half of the total bubbly production of Champagne (56 percent in 2006, 58 percent in 2005). But the tendency is, that the main growth takes place outside France.

  • France: growth of 1,5 percent
  • EU: growth of 4,4 percent
  • Other countries: growth of 16 percent

    Champagnehouses and cooperatives have had the biggest growth (respectively 5,09 percent and 6,2 percent), whilst winegrowers have sold 2,6 percent more bottles in 2006 than the year before.

    There is not even a dark shade of winecrisis in Champagne these days.

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