21 January, 2002

Too old or just too good?

At first I felt rather stupid, as I realized that all other utterances said that the hour of the Vertueux will soon have struck, and that it must be drunk now. Otherwise it will be too old, they said. Alain agreed.

I didn't hear them. On the contrary I liked it, even a lot. I normally like it too. Just not that much. Which I said, of course, and in a way nobody could avoid to hear.

So I actually found it rather tiresome later to learn, that I was rather alone with that opinion. When I stopped bending my neck and thought a bit more about it, I decided to straighten my back anyway. Honestly, who decides, what tastes good? He - or she - who drinks of course.

Not Parker or any other guru, even they must have lots of followers without their own taste, own opinions. There are just too many lesser known people - wine critics, blog writers and so on - that quite funnily more or less 100 percent share the same opinions about what is great. I personnally find it very hard to believe that people have so similar tastes in champagne, the field I know the best.

Taste in a nutshell after all is: One hates, what the other ones loves, and the other way around. I certainly don't always understand why customers want this or that bottle, but they buy again and again. I suppose they must like it then, and I would never ever even think of telling them my taste. Unless they ask.

By the way nobody at the coop table corrected my taste. Quite nice. Since I probably at this state would have felt rather inferior. Even I have my own taste, I may not want to stand out that much.

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