11 January, 2002

Second buds

Chardonnay, Loisy-en-Brie, January 7th 2007.
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This is the gold of Champagne. These buds are what it is all about. They were created in the last cycle of growth, and are thus fertile this year.

The top picture shows Chardonnay-buds. They often unfold earlier than the two red grape varities.

The picture below shows Meunier-buds. Several are double, and that is characteristic. This type of vine produces more double buds than Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

This means, that if you have a plot with a particular risk of frost, you can plant it with Meunier, and hope that the second buds will help you to achieve your authorized yield, in years where frost burn the first buds.

In 2003 we actually did do a second harvest in our Meunier-vines. Still, even with double buds there are not at all the same amount of mature grapes from the second group of buds as from the first one. But that particular year it was still worth doing a second grapeharvest in October.

Meunier, Loisy-en-Brie, January 7th 2007.
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So far the temperatures has had more in common with spring than with winter. As in Denmark we see the bulbous plants of spring peep out from the soils. And roses and geranium still bloom.

But, but, but... We have seen nothing from the winter of 2007 yet, says our neighbour. So I will leave my skiunderwear and wollen socks within easy reach for the time being.

På dansk

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