17 January, 2002

The guy from Vertus has matured

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Le Vertueux refers to the Medieval poet Eustache Deschamps, which is also the name of our coop champagne brand. Eustache was born in Vertus, and the font of the label has been created to look like his handwriting.

Today's rather interesting tasting of the vin clairs from the harvest of 2007 ended at the big board and tasting table of the coop with two cold bottles from the big cave.

"Le Vertueux" is the prestige bottle of the moment. It is also - I happen to think - a visually rather successfull champagne. The content is 100% Chardonnay-grapes from 1999, og they've really done some interesting talking inside that nicely engraved bottle since I had it last time.

It is the millésime, that has evolved since I tasted it the first time in the end of 2004. Just before we left for Paris to present it at an exhibition for Danish winegrowers. In those days I found it rather severe. Some buyers have found too much like a white wine. Others have been really excited about it, and through the years we have sold rather many bottles of it.

Now is the top of it, and I really like what I taste from these heights. The next millésime from the cooperative will probably be the vintage of 2001.

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