27 October, 2002

VITeff in 2009

The biggest exhibition worldwide of anything, connected with sparkling wines and its production, just finished in Épernay. Big succes. 447 exhibitors, 20.000 visitors and 17 foreign delegations (*). None of them Danish (like me).

Denmark is also not mentioned in a bubbly map of the world, where even Kenya has not been forgotten.

Maybe the production in sites like Skærsøgaard is still too small to mention. Or maybe the Danish winegrowers just don't link up with the others at for instance VITeff? Despite free champagne and oysters one morning. Acquaintances of ours amongst the winegrowers in this area were going this particular time. Why shouldn't they anyway?.

Next VITeff takes place in two years, from October 14th to 17th 2009.

(*) Delegations from these countries dropped Épernay: Germany, England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Spain, USA, Hungary, Italy, Moldavia, New Zealand, Rumania, Slovenia, Tasmania and Ukraine.

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