19 October, 2002

Vite, VITEff

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Heavy machinery is brought out for the annual VITeff-exhibition in the capital of Champagne, Épernay.

The biggest exhibition of bubbles in the world - the VITeff -takes place in Épernay these days. 450 stands with champagne, sparkling wines and all kinds of equipment.

Oysters and champagne for free. Hmm, that was yesterday. But I wonder if it shouldn't be possible to get hold of one or two glasses of champs for free anyway?

Bubbly from the world
Delegations from 16 out of 50 countries in the world, that produces sparkling wines, can be found in Épernay these days. Amongst them Slovakia, that according to our rather well informed teacher in winetasting produces quite good bubbly.

Most of the worlds sparklers are still French though. Apart from Champagne, you'll find crémants from different regions and natural sparklers from mountainous regions such as the Blanquette de Limoux and Clairette
de Die (check the list). 27 percent of the sparklers of the world are made in France (check out a tasting of some here).

About 20.000 visitors are expected to check out the Millesium-buildings of Épernay these four days. Last day is tomorrow.

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