05 May, 2016

Lonely giant of the vines

A lonely giant in the distance.

You may barely see it.

But it is very real. It is our veteran enjambeur, it did an excellent job today.

Great job
The good old machine finished all the ploughing in the plot of Les Crochettes.

And on top of that, it broke down above the plot when it could have happened on the road. With a lot of possible destruction.

Whereas now the task is to go hunt another sparepart.

Veteran machine, veteran sparepart
However, here it's not just another new sparepart needed. Since this tractor is a veteran so are the spareparts. Which is why you need to hunt for them.

Then on the other hand you may be able to change the sparepart yourself rather than depend on the company that sells more moderne collegues.

That is once you find it. Wish us happy hunting

This is what the machine looks like when it works.

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