31 May, 2000

News May 2005

  • 14.05.2005: The winegrowers of Champagne were permitted to trade wine of extra 1.000 kg grapes per hectare already in March this year. The official permission however only came May 14th. Already during the vendange last year, an extra of 2.000 kg grapes per hectare ware picked on top of the normal quota of 12.000 kg. The extra wine has since been part of the reserves.

  • 19.05.2005: Vranken-Pommery Monopole has made a deal with the southernbased winecompany Listel about common worldwide distribution of wine from June 1st this year. Vranken-Pommery is at the moment the secondbiggest group in Champagne with names such as Vranken, Pommery, Charles Lafitte, Heidsieck Monopole and Demoiselle on the labels and with a value of 350 million euros. Listel, who is the French leader in vin rosé, vin gris and vin de sable hopes to be able to boost its export according to the regional paper l'Union. Today Listel only sells 14 percent of its production abroad.

  • 20.05.2005:The big champagnecooperative Nicolas Feuillatte, had a growth on 68,4 percent on the net income last year. With a sale of seven million bottles of champagne in 2004 the cooperative is in the champagne top five, writes La Journée Vinicole.

  • 23.05.2005:Another of the big names, Moët Hennessy, will send more vintage champagnes out on the indian market, amongst them Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial and Brut Imperial Rose 1990 and 1998, according to the indian webpage Hotelier and Caterer. Moët Hennessy India already has wellknown cuvées such as Dom Perignon, Moët et Chandon Brut Imperial and Krug Grand Cuvee in its portfolio on the indian market.

  • 26.05.2005: Lanson has landed in Bulgaria. All classic cuvées - Black Label, Gold Label, Rose Label and the vintage champagnes Noble Cuvée Brut 1997 and Noble Cuvée Blanc de Blancs 1996 can be found on the shelves, writes Novinite.com.

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