02 February, 2014

To staff or not to staff

Lately I was explained two new rules the French authorities has applied that regard staff your company may employ.

Or maybe not when you realize the first rule: You cannot employ part time less than 24 hours per week.

Which basically means that you cannot employ a new help of 12 hours of work per week. So if that is the amount of work to be done, you will do it yourself instead in the weekends.

Second rule: If your staff work overtime, you must pay 10 percent extra. Which basically means your staff will not work extra hours. But you will. In the evenings or you will shorten your holidays with a day or two.

I suppose there is a reason why you want to implement such rules. But if you run a small company, you may not find it very helpful, when it comes to create jobs. 35 workhours are better than 12, but maybe 12 are better than nothing and may be combined with 23 hours at another small company in the neighbourhood?

The French president wants companies to create more jobs. He even says he will reduce their charges if they do so.

Let's not be pessimistic like the anglo-saxon's.

But it does not look like a very good start of the cooperation for some.

Then again, maybe the presidential pact is just not meant for people like us.

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