17 December, 2015

17th of December thus 17 degrees Celsius

17th of December. Another day in the vineyards, and a warm one of them.

Today the degrees of Celsius in Loisy-en-Brie happened to match the date around lunchtime, and that is certainly not an everyday thing. Yet at least. And actually it is not very comfortable.

Temperatures like this make you wonder how the vines pass the wintertime. A bit of cold - definition: below zero - is good for plants, maybe persons as well. As a winegrower you can also fear an early start of the vines which means that yourself, you must speed up your pruning. Since our days have the same amount of daylight, it is not really possible to speed up very much.

So, let this be a loner please.

No logical follow up the 18th and the days to come, please.

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