02 August, 2015


A baby was born.

Third son of our employee.

We like to congratulate with something useful.

With years of experience we are quite convinced: You can never be wrong when you choose Lego's.

This is where a future engineer may start his career. The ability to solve problems may come in very handy later. Whether in the vineyards or elsewhere.

Felicitations, little one :-)

01 August, 2015

The hidden bottle

This is where I'd like to spend my holidays.

I do not know excactly where the champagne is, but I'm pretty sure there is a cool bottle and two glasses at the window of the lighthouse to match the splendid view of ...

For more destinations, please have a look at this gallery.

All imagined by Francois Smidt, Reims-based artist.

I look very much forward to visit his atelier and discover more after the grapeharvest.

31 July, 2015

A treat with champagne: Sorrel and trout

This looks a bit strange. I know.

I was not that focused, as I came back from 30 degrees Celsius or more in the fields.

But believe me, this is nice with champagne.

Spiced with sorrel and trout.

You need 3 eggs, 150 grams of flour and baking powder. Stir this and add 12,5 cl of lukewarm milk and 10 cl of oil, little by little as you stir and change between the two. Then 100 gram of cheese, parmesan is nice but so is any cheese with good taste. It does not matter if it was forgotten a couple of weeks, it works well this way anyway.

Finally you add what gives the taste.

Sometimes I am lucky to find sorrel in the garden. If not I buy it frozen. I reduce it on the pan, add for instance 200 g trout (this one was smoked) or salmon, salt and pepper and finally mix everything. If you do not have acces to sorrel, you can try chives.

Bake it at 180 degrees Celsius for about 40-45 minutes.

Serve in slices or cubes with champagne. This combination works well with Tradition or Blanc de Blancs, the lemony taste of the sorrel goes nicely with Chardonnay.

It feeds.

Why don't you try and tell me what champagne would be your preferred combination?

29 July, 2015

Treatments and disease

Some times you ask us how much we treat the plants.

Especially those of you who actually grow vines yourselves know how many different sorts of disease you may have to deal with.

A lot of it we actually don't deal with.

This is an example.

I might be a bit scared of these dots. There are many of them as you see, and they are more or less all over one of our vineyards.

It is a disease called erinose.

Another one is oidium or powdery mildew and it is worse.

Since the month of May the Comité Champagne has issued warnings to watch the spread of it. At the moment approximately 20% of the plots are concerned with at least one cluster touched. This funghus destroys the grapes, so you must treat against it or loose your yields.

The other one, Erinose, is less destructive. Apart from looks, it does not really matter, so we leave it as it is.

28 July, 2015

Changing colours: Very, very slightly blue

Some days ago Alain found the first slightly blue sign of colours changing in the vineyards.

We like these grapes to be more black than blue so there is still way to go before grapeharvest.

However, this remains the first sight of something different colourwise.

Expect more results in another 5-6 weeks.

27 July, 2015

Sommertid og feriegæster

Hele vejen gennem juli har vi haft gæster.

Rigtig mange af jer har været forbi parcellen les Crochettes.

På vej sydpå. På vej nordpå. Eller på de små veje rundt i Champagne.

Abstrakt bliver konkret
Vi går hen til les Crochettes for at kigge nærmere på, hvordan vinstokke ser ud, og hvor jeg eller Alain fortæller om vores arbejde året igennem.

Jeg forklarer, hvordan filosofien bag beskæringen er. Hvordan spalieret fungerer, og hvor meget arbejde det faktisk kræver, før vinstokkene og små druer sidder godt spændt op til sommeren, så de får max sol og minimum sygdom.

Det er også her - midt i arbejdet - at alle jeres spørgsmål kommer. Fordi alle ordene pludselig bliver så konkrete, når vi står sammen midt i det.

Året i vinen
Hvis du tænker, at det lyder nogenlunde som bloggens emner året igennem, er det heller ikke helt forkert. Men for mange er det alligevel noget andet at stå der selv, og for de fleste er det lidt af en overraskelse, hvor meget manuelt arbejde der faktisk er forbundet med at passe vinstokke.

Det forstår jeg fint, for dette omfattende nørklearbejde var jo lige præcis det, jeg oprindeligt fandt så fascinerende, at jeg gik i gang med at lære både det og det franske.

For 12 år siden.

Man bliver tør i munden af al den tid, alt det støv og alle de ord.

Og så er det godt at vide, at anden halvleg venter derhjemme.

26 July, 2015

Vendanges 2015 - Getting the team together

Early preparations for the grapeharvest are on.

Mainly the gathering of the new team to follow the one you see, the one of 2014.

We look forward to welcome a lot of people from earlier years.

Guys from Sedan, girls from Lille and from Champagne, a few men from different horizons and a few debutants from Denmark.

And some extra hands planned for the weekend.

All promising and nice.

Grapeharvest in Champagne is a body and soul-experience. You will get to know your body as never before and meet the French and the Danes, the students, experienced workers and unemployed, young and old, immigrants (like myself) and French.

It all comes along nicely and accompanied by champagne. Quite a mix in the best of ways.

24 July, 2015

Grapes here, grapes there

Why does the plot matter?

Well, here is the difference between Chardonnay-grapes in our les Crochettes-plot above and in the Belles Feuilles-plot below. Same day.

What is better?

Well, I don't know.

I just show you the difference.

We will not know the end of story before we drink the ready champagne in several years from now.

Anyone said champagne? It is friday after all. Or holidays for some of you :-)

23 July, 2015

Video: Unesco-fest på ave de Champagne

For nylig blev Champagne-vinområdet i selskab med Bourgogne optaget på Unescos liste over verdensarv.

Det er i hvert fald de vinfolk, jeg har talt med her, rigtig glade for og stolte over.

Det er blevet fejret i forbindelse med den franske nationaldag, i Reims den 13. juli og i champagnens hovedstad, Epernay, den 14. juli.

Du kan få indtryk af lidt af festen via regionalt tv's video her.

22 July, 2015

Biggest bubbly event

The yearly pique-nique in Reims.

Ok, one of them. This is the biggest by far.

And since we have had this beautiful weather with very warm evenings as well, the pique-nique concert, that marks the end of the town festival of mainly classical music, the Flaneries Musicales, was as busy as I have never seen it before.

19.000 people is the maximum someone said. I did not count, but there was a lot of people. But you can still find a quiet corner to juggle your ball.

Another one said, that this is the moment where more champagne bottles are popped in one evening.

I believe that as well

It does go pop now here, now there more or less all the time.

Excactly as cheerful as I hope it sounds and seems.

We had a splendid time with amongst others some representatives of the Irish society of Reims. Who would not? Danes and Irish are almost cousins, we agreed and said slauntje, and then since we all live in France for good reasons we followed up with a santé and à la votre.

Now, this is also about music.

In my family we happen to like marimba concerts quite a lot. I personally have a soft spot for Piazzolla that I have worked on in more than 25 years... but what could possible beat "O Fortuna, velut Luna" on such a absolutely wonderful summer evening.

"It was good," said our percussionist-son about Carmina Burana that surely contains a lot of powerful percussion behind the choir and soloists.

I would go as far as branding the evening magical.

So I definitely spot a heart in the fireworks. And I am absolutely convinced that it is not a coincidence.

There is another one concert in 2016.