10 April, 2002

New bells for young vines

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New protection bells to protect the two year old vines mainly against rabbits and bad weather.

We still fight to finish binding the branches. Rain follows flu, that follows rain, it seems.

Last weekend the energy did not pass a drive to Vertus to buy more plastic bells to protect the 400 little vines, we planted almost two years ago.

The plants are still not productive. The philosophy is to let the plants grow strong, before they are supposed to yield. Like most other little ones. Only after the third year of pruning, they can grow to full size with maximum number of buds: 18.

In the low field we follow the Vallée de la Marne-method. A short branch with three buds, then a young a long one of nine buds and finally the extention of the cordon with six buds. At the grapeharvest next year we should be able to pick the first grapes.

The original bells, put in place two years ago, have almost 100 percent proven, that they were in fact bio degradable. Very little remain of them.

The Meunier-plants are doing fine. Gods knows, they sure get the water supplies needed.

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Clement helps Alain to transport the protections bells. Usually he likes to join us in the vines, if there is tasks where he can actually help.

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