26 April, 2002

FAQ: Fast Who What Where

What: My French family grow grapes for champagne in three hectares, about two thirds are planted with white Chardonnay-grapes and the last third with Meunier- and a bit of Pinot Noir-grapes. The oldest plants are almost 50 years old, the youngest about 30 years. Older than average in Champagne.

Where: We live and work in Champagne, about 150 kilometres east of Paris. Soon easy and fast reachable from Paris with the new TGV-train. Our three hectares of vines are in the outmost corner of the Côte des Blancs, one of the famous vine regions of Champagne. Our grapes grow in the communes of the villages of Soulières and Loisy-en-Brie on the other side of the Premier Cru-village, Vertus.

Who: The vines are planted by my husbands father and grandfather. I got in touch with the art of growing vines, when I moved to Champagne in 2004. Now I help my husband, Alain, to look after one hectare of Meunier-plants. The other two hectares are dealt with by my husbands cousin and his wife. The family is called Gérard, and our product is not found anywhere yet. At the moment we sell our grapes to a cooperative in Vertus as my husband is parttime winegrower and thus not yet entitled to his own labels. I am about to become registered as a parttime winegrower as well. Our plan is to establish our own brand.

Why: I write the blog, because I love champagne, to write and now growing vines, champagnisation and tasting as well. I write for all, who share these pleasures, in Danish, because it is my mother tongue, in English to make it accessible for more people, my husband included. I began blogging, because many family members, friends and earlier collegues back in 2004 asked for news about my first, active grapeharvest. The most simple solution was to publish pictures and text in a blog. Since then I have been convinced that it is also the most interesting solution, because a blog - or a site - on the net makes it possible to reach a group of readers who are specifically interested in champagne and probably France in an easy and fast way.

How: Well, the blog - my texts and pictures - ought to answer a good part of those questions. If not, please tell me here. I don't want to promise to change old stuff, but I can take good questions and comments into consideration when I write new texts in Bobler (= Bubbles in Danish, my native langugage).

When: I update the blog regularly, about three times per week, holidays in Denmark are the exception. Even I can work as easily from Copenhagen as from the Montagne de Reims, my time to work is more limited but worse, the concentration and motivation really lacks when I am back. It simply improves my performance to be close to vines and champagnehouses.

Other questions? Mail me here. Pictures here.

The content of this weblog is entirely - if nothing else is explicitly said - my own creation and responsability.

På dansk

Copyright: The copyright for text and photos at bobler.blogspot.com belongs to Solveig Tange. You may use my articles, photos or parts of them for non-commercial use and if I am credited as the author. Feel free to link to this site but not in your own frameset please.

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