15 April, 2002

First phase of the grapes

Only three quarters of our little family spends a full Easter vacation in Denmark; Alain has thus had the necessary time to nurse the vineyards this weekend.

Several posts have been changed, many meters of wires placed, and one of the walks of the season, spreading herbicides from a tank you carry on your back like a back pack, up and down all the rows. When it is full, the tank weighs 20 kilos, so this is truly a heavy morning. The rest - apart from another of these walks - is done by the tractor, we hire for the job.

Great sunshine has really made the vines take off. The first leaves are out in Loisy-en-Brie, most in the Chardonnay-plots, less in the Meunier-plots. We can see what will develop into the grapes now, and also the first start of the stems, that will grow very long and wild during the next months.

One of the owners - or tenants - of a neighbour plot says, that we can stop worrying about spring frost. Why he says so, is not completely clear to us. As the leaves this year are very early, the danger is hardly over yet even it is hard to imagine frost, when you have the first hints of summer colour after a pretty sunshine weekend in Denmark.

På dansk

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