07 May, 2002

Rothschild moves to Champagne

A name that sounds richissime as they love to put it in French women's glossies has arrived in Champagne. The Rothschild-company CVBER - Le Centre vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild - is about to join forces with the cooperative La Goutte d'Or in Vertus to produce a new brand, writes regional newspaper l'Union.

Objective: To produce champagne of high quality for exports. For a start 20.000 bottles, later the new compagnons want to raise the number to half a million bottles. Just a drop in the sea, when you compare with the yearly sales of 320 million bottles.

The new company will have its address in the capital of Champagne, Reims, while the production will remain in Vertus. The name on the future labels has still not been decided. But Baron Edmond Rothschild is amongst the likely possibilities, says l'Union. Not to confuse with the already existing brand, Alfred Rothschild, that belongs to Boizel Chanoine Champagne after this groups purchase of Lanson International one and a half year ago.

I may as well mention, that we are amongst the 13.000 winegrowers in Champagne, who sells grapes to one of the 140 cooperatives of the region. Ours is "La Vigneronne", also Vertus.

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