25 May, 2002

Something special for mummy

Mummy's day is in the pipeline in France. A great commercial opportunity, that will be celebrated by many and for good reason, since French women - and not the least mothers - manage the unbelieveable . Amongst others:

  • They work. Many hours. 35 hours-workweek mainly concerns the public employees.
  • They get a lot of kids. (France is the only country in Europe, where the number of children born and old people dying almost balance).
  • They look after the family, house, laundry and food. What you need to run a family.
  • They even look good: Follow the fashion, stay slim, balance their high heels and care for their husbands.

    The current Mother's day according to www.joyeuse-fete.com was named after World War I to help repopulating France. By law it is appointed to the last sunday in May. If Whitsun is the same day, Mother's day move to the first sunday of June. (Mother's Day wiki)

    You can celebrate mummy in several ways: Flowers of course. Or beautiful lingerie, perfume or champagne. The house of Pannier has imagined a very special partnership for the big day: The bubbles are pink, of course, and for reasons past (my) understanding they are accompagnied by a MP3-reader in the colours of the house. Mummy is modern, you see.

    Daddy has his own day too. June 18th.
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