04 May, 2002

First step on the long road of bureaucracy

We have just filled an important piece of paper. I have held the pen myself - yes indeed - while Alain told me what to write where in my application for the CIVC to become a parttime winegrower.

If my application is approved, I will receive a card, that entitles me to sell grapes here in Champagne.

The new plot, that I will run, is not bound by any contract, and will not be. Our plan is to sell only the amount of grapes, we need to, to finance champagnisation of the rest. That will be the start of our own stocks, that will later hopefully be sold under our own names.

But first all paperwork must be finished - the big, French bureaucracy must be fed - of course it was due long time ago. I should have applied to be registered already by January 1st. Now we hurry up and hopefully will be on time anyway.

På dansk

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