11 May, 2002

Hidden gold of cooperatives

In Champagne almost all of the 140 cooperatives live a very quiet life, sales- and marketingwise. Many produces genuine products, but they rarely have the marketing and experts necessary to reach sublime quality at their disposal.

The cooperatives on the other hand - through their members - have what the champagnehouses yearn for these times, where the sale of champagne just grows and grows: Access to a lot of grapes. Those who decide to spend some of their money in Champagne to develop products and marketing, are bound to have great opportunities to increase quality and profit of cooperative champagnes quite a bit.

The other day I wrote about Edmond Rothschilds recent alliance with the cooperative "Goutte d'Or" in Vertus.

It will be exciting to see, if there will be more of these co-operations, and also which impact it could get for deliveries of must and quiet wines to the big champagnehouses. The latter depend on the posibilities to buy most of their raw materials from small winegrowers and cooperatives.

A few champagne cooperatives market and develop their products more than the average. The obvious example is Nicolas Feuillatte, who in 30 år has developped into a brand like the champagnehouses. Mailly Champagne is a village cooperative in the village of the same name. It markets and sells its products around the world as well. So the exceptions exist, there are just not that many. Yet.

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