27 May, 2002

Blooming vines

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Chardonnay in flowers, Loisy-en-Brie.

Our vineyards are in flowers. It means that we now can make a good guess about a probable date for the grapeharvest. It follows an average of 94 days after the blossoms.

My guess is therefore around August 20th. Five days after August 15th, which was the date mentioned by the CIVC a while ago.

Vines never bloom all at the same time. We saw the very first flowers at the feet of our plants only last weekend, two weeks after the first flowers were reported to the CIVC. This weekend at least half of the plants bloom, and the flowers are situated everywhere.

Since I don't know precisely when the flowers began, I choose to add 90 days on top of saturday. Thus I arrive at week 34, that begins with the 20th.

The weather is far from good. While the period of blooming is on, we wish for warm, dry and rather quite weather to ensure as good a pollination as possible. Instead we get lots of wind, storms here and there with hail and cool temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius.

"It's never good, when the vines bloom in May," goes the favourite quote of Alain at the moment. He heard it from some old farmers - that is people with experience - we shall see.

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Meunier in flowers, Loisy-en-Brie.

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