22 July, 2015

Biggest bubbly event

The yearly pique-nique in Reims.

Ok, one of them. This is the biggest by far.

And since we have had this beautiful weather with very warm evenings as well, the pique-nique concert, that marks the end of the town festival of mainly classical music, the Flaneries Musicales, was as busy as I have never seen it before.

19.000 people is the maximum someone said. I did not count, but there was a lot of people. But you can still find a quiet corner to juggle your ball.

Another one said, that this is the moment where more champagne bottles are popped in one evening.

I believe that as well

It does go pop now here, now there more or less all the time.

Excactly as cheerful as I hope it sounds and seems.

We had a splendid time with amongst others some representatives of the Irish society of Reims. Who would not? Danes and Irish are almost cousins, we agreed and said slauntje, and then since we all live in France for good reasons we followed up with a santé and à la votre.

Now, this is also about music.

In my family we happen to like marimba concerts quite a lot. I personally have a soft spot for Piazzolla that I have worked on in more than 25 years... but what could possible beat "O Fortuna, velut Luna" on such a absolutely wonderful summer evening.

"It was good," said our percussionist-son about Carmina Burana that surely contains a lot of powerful percussion behind the choir and soloists.

I would go as far as branding the evening magical.

So I definitely spot a heart in the fireworks. And I am absolutely convinced that it is not a coincidence.

There is another one concert in 2016.

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