26 July, 2015

Vendanges 2015 - Getting the team together

Early preparations for the grapeharvest are on.

Mainly the gathering of the new team to follow the one you see, the one of 2014.

We look forward to welcome a lot of people from earlier years.

Guys from Sedan, girls from Lille and from Champagne, a few men from different horizons and a few debutants from Denmark.

And some extra hands planned for the weekend.

All promising and nice.

Grapeharvest in Champagne is a body and soul-experience. You will get to know your body as never before and meet the French and the Danes, the students, experienced workers and unemployed, young and old, immigrants (like myself) and French.

It all comes along nicely and accompanied by champagne. Quite a mix in the best of ways.

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