29 July, 2015

Treatments and disease

Some times you ask us how much we treat the plants.

Especially those of you who actually grow vines yourselves know how many different sorts of disease you may have to deal with.

A lot of it we actually don't deal with.

This is an example.

I might be a bit scared of these dots. There are many of them as you see, and they are more or less all over one of our vineyards.

It is a disease called erinose.

Another one is oidium or powdery mildew and it is worse.

Since the month of May the Comité Champagne has issued warnings to watch the spread of it. At the moment approximately 20% of the plots are concerned with at least one cluster touched. This funghus destroys the grapes, so you must treat against it or loose your yields.

The other one, Erinose, is less destructive. Apart from looks, it does not really matter, so we leave it as it is.


Unknown said...

Is 20% of plots touched in one or more clusters more than usual?

Sol said...

Hi Jacques,

I have seen this year compared to 2012.

But It is really difficult to compare between years because it is very complex. All parameters are almost never excactly the same.

It is also not necessarily a problem with some affected grapes as long as you have more that are fine which allows to leave those that are not ok behind.

As you see in the picture disease is quite common, but not always a problem apart from looks.