02 July, 2015

Grapes follow flowers

Flowers began in early June.

Now it's over, and we see the tiny grapes that follow.

Heatwave and quantity
The weather has been very warm, very sunny and very dry during the flowering.

Sunshine is fine for the grapes, however they need water to grow sizewise. And - as we saw last year - too warm temperatures may cost the lives of some future grapes. They simply fall off after the flowering. We don't know yet.

Some of our collegues are not happy about the quantities. They would like to see some more grapes on their vines.

Not too much, not too little
We are personally quite happy this far.

We don't expect to pick a lot of kiloes for the harvest. Around last year's amount (10.500 kiloes) is what we can guess about at the moment. A guess it stays, but also more or less what we aim at, and so we expect to have what we will need. Not much more, not less either.

As for the grapeharvest, the current heatwave speeds up everything.

We expect to begin around September 10th at the moment. Stay tuned for a more precise date.

Chardonnay-grapes, Loisy-en-Brie:

Pinot Meunier-grapes, Loisy-en-Brie:


Flemming said...

I really hope you will get some rain, in an orderly manner and not as a downburst with hail.

Sol said...

Thank you, Flemming.

So far no rain, but a lot of sun all day long and no storms announced at the moment.