20 July, 2015

Belles Feuilles make-over

At the moment we finish the trellissing in the Belles Feuilles-plot between the villages of Soulieres and Givry-les-Loisy.

We force branches who sit to closely together at the wires apart to allow the grapes to grow independently and air to pass freely between leaves and branches to avoid disease.

How the grapes can grow in size with almost no water for weeks and weeks is a bit of a mistery. But it is visibly so.

These last days has allowed us a bit more rain. Very needed indeed.

The cereal fields beeing harvested at the moment catch fire in a lot of places.

We don't in the vineards. But eventually grapes need water to grow.

So this summer we are happy about every drop we receive from above.

More pictures in our Facebook-page.

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