09 November, 2002

Modern manners, my darling

Okay, I have said these things too. Several times, in one single entry and scattered around in several of the posts of these last three years. But I don't pretend to posess true British punch, and I am certainly not the guide of The Times in modern manners.

Philip Howard is, and he goes: Remember to enjoy your champagne, don't spill it and don't just opt for the well known brands, go try some of the supermarket champagnes as well.

Since it's good. In England anyway, because the big supermarkets send their own and good buyers to the right places in Champagne to trade. I'm not quite convinced, that's the case in Denmark. That is, I'm quite convinced, it's not, since the choice in most places even wineshops is rather poor.

Read the rest at The Times Online.

The one and only Martha Stewart has also devoted some time to the etiquette of bubbly. Read her advice complemented by mine (since Martha actually doesn't know everything, did you know that?) here. If you want to open your bottle the cool way, you do
like this.

And maybe you should go else where than just The Times for your wine critis. It's also great to check out more than just one source. It goes for champagne as well ;-)

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