09 November, 2002

Rillettes with fish

After a holiday in La Vendée on the French Atlantic coast I brought back four glasses with different versions of fish rilletes, and discovered how easy they are to prepare and how well they marry with champagne as a starter or with the aperitif.

200 grammes of fish, cod, maquerel, salmon and so on.
1-2 decilitres of creme fraiche, fat version
1 clove of chopped garlic,
1 coffee spoon of chopped lemon peel (eco lemon)
1-2 big spoons of chopped parsley, dill or other herbs at your choice and taste
Maybe some chopped olives or dried tomatoes
Good salt, grinded pebber
Olive oil

  • Steam fresh fish. Wrap it in suitable paper and put it in an ovenproof dish at 200 degrees Celsius until the meat is just ready.

  • Chop the herbs, garlic.

  • When the fish is cold - leftovers are perfect for this dish - mix the herbs, creme fraiche and fish, grate the lemon peel straight into the bowl. Add salt and pebber. The consistency must not be liquid, but also not very solid. Creme fraiche may have a sour taste, this you adjust with the herbs.

  • Serve the rillettes with bread as a starter or snack with the aperitif.
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