04 November, 2002

Bubbly blogs

French winegrowers follow the wake of the global blog fever. Writing, taking photoes in their vineyards and caves. Lots of them explains and tells happily and even frequently in width as well as depth about the passion, they share with their customers: Great wines.

In Rome, do as the Romans, in France the French speak French, winegrowers too:

  • Franck Pascal: website, blog

  • Francis Boulard: website, blog

  • Laherte: website, blog

  • Benoit Tarlant: website, blog

  • Cyril Janisson: website, blog

    Some has taken advantage of the translation tool of Google. The resultats does not always make a lot of sense, but maybe it's better than nothing, should your French be a little rusty.

    Outsinde Champagne, there are lots and lots of French wineblogs to dig into here. This blog won a trophy as best wineblog in the Salon des Vins in Loire in 2007.

    To buy champagne, try www.1855.com. It's French, and the selection of bubbly is impressive. To find tastings in Enlgish, try Jancis Robinson or the Wineanorak.
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