07 January, 2002

Sharp new year

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2007 promises rather keen in Verzy.

In the middle of last December the nice, old man with the big white beard skipped a champagne sabre over the edge of his sledge as he rushed over the Montagne de Reims... No injuries. The weapon was properly packed up.

I think this idea of the old man was rather inventive. And certainly unexpected.

Wine in the streets
Our local - and regional - party of the wine, the Saint Vincent, is coming up soon.

Alain and I will be presented with our diplomas, now officially capable of pruning the vines. The local guild will unfortunately do the party on a monday, which for us will mean a modest participation of claqueurs, most are working.

While we wait for free wine in the streets on January 22nd, we enjoy the sales of more than 320 million bottles already by the end of October. It seems likely that the total of the year may even pass the 327 million necks of the Millenium.

Our new year
It will be time to start the re-establishment of our new, sadly mistreated plot. For a start, prune it in a way, that approaches the theory books.

We will also have to work with the idea of obtaining our own champagne brand in a more concrete way. The bigger amount of grapes, we can harvest this year, will bring more income, which makes it more realistic to begin thinking about a life with champagne full time.

For she who owns everything (almost): Own sabre!

The new ownership of my own weapon has displayed another difference between my current and the former country of residence. In France it is a right to possess this kind of thing... I Denmark you need a permission from the police to keep swords, sabres and similar effects in your private home. This I know from the little sister who technically does not possess her own weapon, since ice axes don't count. The other little sister has her own sword, thus police permission to keep it.

Happy New Year.

På dansk

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