22 January, 2002

Saint Vincent

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We have participated in the Saint Vincent procession of Verzy. The most comforting experience of the day was definitely to see how much these young and elder winepeople like their own vin clair. That is, the still wine they will use for champagne later this year.

They are happy to distribute samples of their know-how too, and that is one of very few opportunities you will get to actually taste the still wine of Champagne, before it is fermentated for the second time to rise again as champagne.

Though it does require that you are able to swallow fast. Since they aren't greedy with their wine. I don't know how much the glasstube contains... but enough to make you drink and swallow fast at the same time to avoid having your scarf soaked.

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The cask contains wine made of grapes from the last vendange of Verzy, that is the 2006. At the Saint Vincent-day, this patron saint of the vines will be carried through the village, from the church, passing the square in front of the mairie and all the way to the cooperative, where quite cheerful amounts of local champagnes wait to be surved after the procession part.

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The baton of Saint Vincent, followed by the brioche of the baker. You better eat lots of it, if you want to be able to do anything at all after the party.

The procession is led by a group of winegrower's children, dressed in blue coat, black cap and white apron for the boys and the traditionel bonnet and matching skirt for the girls. The bonnet is very big to protect the women working in the fields against the sun.

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