12 December, 2001

Meet the Yellow widow in Illum

More than 12 years ago I saw my first champagnebar. It is situated in Reims, just across the street from the big, central Place d'Erlon, and it is not excactly high tech. Actually it reminds me more of the kind of little more or less stationary chariots where you buy your hotdogs in Copenhagen. Just a little bit more Art Déco chic since this after all is France. Anyway, it is not sausages but champagne à la coupe, they hand over the counter.

There are lightyears between this and the ultratrendy space, that Copenhagen department store Illum has introduced to fit the galloping Danish consumption and the luxury trend of the time. However only in December. Danes still mainly drink champagne in the Christmas- and New Year's-season as it is anyway quite general all over the world.

It is the French behemoth of luxuries LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), who is behind the initiative. Which is why you can only buy the champagnes of LVMH, and only some of them. Names as Ruinart and Krug, that also belong to this economical giant of the champagne, are not available.

The classic Yellow Widow, as the Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin is popularly known in Denmark, is not difficult to find in December. It is still the sure and often also lonely brand, you will find if you buy your wines in supermarkets such as Foetex and Kvickly in the days before Christmas. So this is just another possibility of trying the lady, even a lot of Danes do not even like the taste. In Illum they can try out the Moët & Chandon instead or even upgrade to a Dom Pérignon. Prices per glass according to AOK begin at 75 kroner(10 euros).

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