28 January, 2002

While we wait for the statistics

We are a bit in the waiting for the statistics of the total sale of champagne in 2007. It does look like the biggest party in the world.

The first official numbers, I have seen (Agreste-statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture), mention the export in the first 10 months of 2007. They show a growth of eight percent compared with 2006.

The average price of export bottles grew an extra five percent. The prices of grapes grew as well, but this raise has hardly been sent to the customers yet.

The very good sales of champagne these last years is amongst others linked with growth on new or recent markets like Russia, India and Japan.

Despite a succes in the sales, that could in fact dry out the smaller caves, at least the small winegrowers don't really want to push it and put up their prices. Even they are already at least 10 euros below the prices of the bigger and more well known brands.

Traditionnally the biggest sale of champagne in a year takes place in the last quarter with purchases of bottles for Christmas and New Year.

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