22 February, 2002

Sucess of the big houses

The 2006 sales statistics for champagne made it almost all the way to the stars. The growth were at the remarkable percentage of 4,6. Remarkable, since the major part of the French wine industry is still in deep crisis.

Here are some details about some of the locomotives:

  • LVMH: The lighthouse of French luxury business. No competitor - in the world that is - passes the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy revenue of 15 billion euros in 2006. It is also the absolute champion in Champagne, and there is a big distance to number two on the list, Boizel Chanoine Champagne (BCC).

    The wine and alcohol department of LVMH grew 11 percent in 2006 with a profit of no less than 30 percent. This is possible amongst other things because the champagne customers of the giant bought more expensive bubbles such as Dom Perignon and Ruinart. LVMH owns Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin and Moët & Chandon, og says, that Moët & Chandon has developped well in Central Europe and China.

  • Boizel Chanoine Champagne (BCC): After the purchase of Lanson International BCC made it to become the second biggest producer in Champagne. From seven to 21 million bottles and turnover of 311 million euros was achieved in 2006 (read more here (PDF-file). On top of the houses Boizel and Chanoine Frères, BCC also owns the De Venoge, Alexandre Bonnet and Philipponat, and since march 2006 Lanson and Burtin (Besserat de Bellefon) as well. The final numbers for 2006 will be available in April.

  • Laurent-Perrier: In the Far East Japan in 2006 bought enough champagne to make it to become the fourth biggest buyer on the global sales top ten of champagne. This has given Laurent-Perrier the wish to work more thoroughly with a market, that is reputed to be both sophisticated and demanding, and therefore rather perfect for champagne.

    Since in Champagne you can expect to see a development towards more fine and therefore also more expensive products in the years to come. To ensure and to help champagne to keep its position as leader of sparkling wines.

    Only Great Britain, Belgium and Italy bought more bottles than the 7,32 million of the Japanese, a growth of 37,73 percent. Customers, that Laurent-Perrier wants to treat even better, for a start by changing its distributor.

  • De Castellane: One of the ways, that big champagnehouses will use to be mentioned in media is to sponsor prices, preferably of the more exclusive kind. Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin has its price for business women, CIVC its champagne-ambassadors, Laurent-Perrier backs a gastronomical festival, and the house of de Castellane backs a Prix Saint-Valentin. And yes, it is a reward of the best love story of the year. Read about it here (PDF-file).

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