14 February, 2002

Be my Valentine

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No minibottles in our cave. This a Taittinger rosé normal size.

February 14th is Saint Valentine's Day. The day where the ladies must be given new lingerie, red red roses, chocolates shaped as hearts and pink champagne to sip from minibottles in the company of their true love.

If you don't have a true love, you can still invite somebody with a card - or several maybe - where you invite for champagne to secure yourself from having to gulp down the bubbles all alone.

Since this Big Day of True Lovers is also one of the peaks of the annual sales, some of the big champagnehouses have introduced unusually pink bubbles for the big day. Check Moët & Chandon. Be carefull with the red red roses though. According to Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet the prices are double what they should be, because the Dutch wholesalers have doubled their prices for the particular day.

Let's skip the roses then, champagne we will drink, maybe even a pink one. We have guests for dinner, and it goes well with bird. Here is some more Valentine's stuff. Yours truly.

På dansk

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