07 April, 2015

Need of bubbles: April in Paris...

...Chestnuts in blossom.

And if you want to keep singing, try our bubbles at your table. This spring, we deliver downtown Paris in the first part of April.

At a minimum of 4 boxes, we will join you where you are (preferably arrondissements 7, 8, 15, 16 and nearby surroundings).

Range, price, freight
We suggest:

- Assembled non-vintage champagnes based on Chardonnay (brut or demi-sec) or Pinot Meunier and Noir at 16,00 euros delivered.

- Rosé champagnes based on Chardonnay at 17,00 euros delivered or Pinot Noir at 20,00 euros delivered.

- Blanc de blancs champagne from 2008 delivered at 20,00 euros or Sélection from 2006 at 26,00 euros delivered.

What to choose? Well, that depends: Let's talk about, why don't you drop us a mail?

Please expect us a tuesday or a thursday in the daytime.

...April in Paris, this is a feeling.

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