29 October, 2000

Yellow leaves

Mumm's mill at Verzenay in Montagne de Reims.

During the last six weeks we have followed the changing of colours of the vineleaves from green, passing through orange and red and finally transforming into the terminal yellow, that is now very prominent.

Yellow is the last colour before the vinter. When the plots are completely dressed in yellow - and that will not be long now - it is only a matter of time, before the vines strip off to expose a brown confusion of branches.

This is where the annual cycle of the vine will be over. The sap will leave the young stems and sink downwards to spend the winter in the knobbed main stem in a state of concentration in order to protect the vine against frost.

Soon we will think about removing the agrafes - the clamps of plastic that has kept the next-to-uppermost and double steel-wire together since spring. This will also be the time to unhook the same double thread and put it on the ground. The big task of the winter - the pruning - moves closer.

På dansk

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