17 March, 2000

Britons head the export league

Nobody beats the French in the discipline of drinking champagne, but the britons most certainly try. Rather seriously since they for the ninth year in a row constitute themselves as the unrivalled biggest export market with a record import of 34,9 million bottles. Followed by the States with 20,2 million bottles and Germany with 11,5 millions.

Denmark is not even mentioned, and according to my own experience it is not due to a lack of inclination in either end of the life cycle of the bottle. Rather, as the wife of one of the small mand-and-wife-brands of Verzy put it the other day, Scandinavia is a very difficult market because of its taxes and levies. Myself, I was surprised to learn that a lady like this, who only sells 10.000 bottles per year, even has an opinion about whether it is worth it or not to export to Denmark.

Nobody seems to doubt the British. Regularly we see them with their GB on the tailboards and wheel in the opposite side of the car. But also the export amounts have grown: 40 percent when it comes to number of bottles and 62 percent when it comes to value. Which means that more British drink more expensive bottles. They even seem to create events in order to drink champagne rather than to drink it when the proper events occur. Anyway, that is what Francoise Peretti, who is in charge of the Champagne Information Bureau in Britain, explains to the British winesite Decanter.com.

Enthusiastic Britons or not... there is still a bit of distance to reach the consumer with the record consumption par excellence. Six out of ten bottles of champagne pop in France.

På dansk

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