21 March, 2015

Visits and the AOC

We had visitors in Soulières a fews days ago.

"Dear Solveig and Alain,

Thank you very much for the kind reception in your exciting and historic surroundings.

Your wonderful bubbles have reached our cellar well - now we will drink them."

So nice to hear. As we enjoy these visits as well.

To AOC or not
There is usually a good exchange between our explanations and questions from our guests.

This time we talked about the AOC: the area where we can grow grapes to make champagne.

Part of the slope above is in the AOC and the other part is not. Which does not make a lot of sense to anyone.

So why don't we just plant it with vines and sell the result as Tange-Gérard sparkling?

Well, I guess we are too small and too busy to be the ones to test the limits.

More visits
More visits are up in the next weeks. I guess these visitors will be charged with good questions as well. We don't always have good answers, but we really do try.

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